Who we are

Orange Fiber is an Italian company made up of equal parts innovation and elegance. We create exquisite sustainable fabrics from citrus juice by-products that would otherwise be thrown away, representing hundreds of thousands of tons of precious resources. We envision a new life for these materials, transforming them into refined, ethereal fabrics perfectly suited to Italian tradition of high-quality fabrics and high fashion.



The company, founded in February 2014, is composed of 5 members: Adriana Santanocito, creator & founding partner, specialized in innovative textile design; Enrica Arena, marketing and communication specialist & founding partner; Francesco Virlinzi and Antonio Perdichizzi, entrepreneurs; and Corrado Blandini, lawyer.

Orange Fiber is a portfolio company of Fashion Tech Lab. Fashion Tech Lab is a global structure that combines an investment company, a multinational accelerator, and an experimental laboratory, all aimed at helping new technologies and sustainable innovations connect, collaborate, and create products and brands that evolve the industry and improve its social and environmental footprints. Fashion Tech Lab was founded by prominent fashion and digital entrepreneur and investor Miroslava Duma, who is a permanent member of the Orange Fiber advisory board.

CEO & Co-Founder

Adriana Santanocito

Born in Catania, she studied Fashion Design at AFOL Moda – Milano, specializing in textiles, materials and new fashion technology. She personally conducted the research and development phase of the project with the collaboration of Politecnico di Milano. She is now in charge of design and product development.


CMO & Co-Founder

Enrica Arena

Born in Catania, she holds a degree in International Cooperation for Development as well as in Communications, where she has a diverse range of experiences in non-profit sectors and project management. She is now in charge of communication, marketing and fundraising.


Innovation, sustainability and quality to make the world a better place. A dream come true by pioneering an innovative process to extract cellulose from citrus juice by-product and transforming it into a refined and high-quality fabric for a totally new standard in fashion and luxury.



Adriana proposes a sustainable fabric from citrus byproducts for her thesis. She shared the idea with Enrica and – with creativity and will to dare, they start Orange Fiber.


From the feasibility study with Politecnico di Milano, we patented in August 2013 the innovation, then extended it in international PCT in August 2014.


In February 2014 Orange Fiber was formed as Italian Innovative Startup and opens two headquarters: Catania and Rovereto. Two Business Angel, Trentino Sviluppo, and a lawyer finance the project.


In September 2014 the first prototypes of fabric from citrus cellulose were presented at the Expo Gate of Milan at the Vogue Fashion's Night Out.


In December 2015, thanks to the funds of Smart&Start by Invitalia, the first pilot plant for the extraction of citrus pulp opened.


We entered the operational phase of the project. The first fabric production completed, and now we are working on the next productions.


In April 2017 the first fashion collection created with the exclusive Orange Fiber fabric by a top fashion brand is presented.

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