Orange Fiber x H&M conscious exclusive
collection 2019

All the quality, innovation and attention to the environment of our fabrics from citrus juice by-products for the Conscious Exclusive 2019, the premium H&M collection made only with recycled and sustainable materials.

In line with its commitment to a greener fashion industry and always attentive to industry innovations, the Swedish brand has chosen Orange Fiber to create a sophisticated boho style top, a tribute to the beauty of Nature.

Ferragamo capsule collection

Faithful to their motto, Responsible Passion, Salvatore Ferragamo is the first fashion house to employ Orange Fiber fabrics. This much-anticipated collaboration is born of a shared passion for creative innovation, sustainable design and our beloved heritage of Italian excellence.

The high quality of the Orange Fiber fabric, the precious prints by the Italian designer Mario Trimarchi and the stylistic mark of the Salvatore Ferragamo Maison for an exclusive collection that sounds like a hymn to Mediterranean creativity.