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An exclusive Salvatore Ferragamo ensemble crafted with our sustainable fabrics from citrus juice by-products among the 300 fascinating and unsettling objects showcased at the V&A Museum of London for the Fashioned from Nature exhibition, the first UK exhibition to explore the complex relationship between fashion and nature from 1600 to the present day.


From  April 21st until January 27th 2019, the exhibition will show how the beauty and power of nature has long-inspired the fashion industry, with exquisite garments and accessories ranging from Christian Dior to Dries van Noten and Philip Treacy.

The exhibition will also encourage to reflect on how fashions processes and constant demand for raw materials endanger the environment, showing some iconic pieces of clothes designed to effectively highlight this issue, such as the creations by Vivienne Westwood and Fashion Revolution.


Spanning a period of over 400 years, the exhibition will invite visitors to consider how clothes are made and sourced, and how fashion industry and consumers can change the traditional – and polluting – model of production choosing sustainable fabrics and circular processes of design and production.

In this perspective, an entire section of the exhibition will be dedicated to some of the most successful green creations of the last years.



The exclusive ensemble crafted by Salvatore Ferragamo with our sustainable fabrics from citrus juice by-products will be part of this amazing installation, proving the shared Responsible Passion of the two brands and the success of a fruitful collaboration initiated last year.

On the occasion of the Earth Day 2017 on April 22nd, indeed, our two brands have come together to launch the Ferragamo Orange Fiber Collection, a daily wear capsule collection of ethereal, breezy pieces flawlessly suited for the spring/summer season and beautifully constructed with the softest of fabrics for a renewed wearing experience.

The high quality of the Orange Fiber fabric, the precious prints by the Italian designer Mario Trimarchi and the stylistic mark of the Salvatore Ferragamo Maison for an exclusive collection that sounds like a hymn to the new luxury 3.0, the new way to design considering the future of our world.


The same section will include the famous Calvin Klein look made from recycled plastic bottles created as part of the Green Carpet Challengewith Eco-Age and wore by actor Emma Watson at the 2016 Met Gala, clothes from Stella McCartney, a floral dress from Erdems Green Carpet Challenge collection, a gown created by the Italian designer Tiziano Guardini using a leather-substitute made from grape waste from the wine industry by Vegea and an H&M Conscious dress made from recycled shoreline plastic.


The exhibition will present also a range of solutions to reducing fashions impact on the environment from low water denim and using wild rubber to more conceptual and collaborative projects.

These include a dress grown from plant roots by the artist Diana Scherer, who uses seed, soil and water to train root systems into textile-like material, a bio-luminescent genetically-engineered silk dress created by Sputniko!, the MIT Lab and the National Institute of Agricultural Science (NIAS), South Korea, and a tunic and trousers made from synthetic spider silk from Bolt Threads x Stella McCartney.


On the occasion of the Fashioned from Nature exhibition, the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) at London College of Fashion, UAL, will present two interactive installations which explore Fashion Nowand Fashion Future.’ ‘Fashion Nowwill take five iconic contemporary fashion pieces and using sensors, visitors will be able to explore the unseen impact on nature of the construction, making, wearing and discarding of each item.

Fashion Futurewill immerse viewers into the fashion world of the future, inviting us to question what fashion means and show us a future we are yet to imagine.

Innovation, sustainability and more than 400 years of history, Fashioned from Nature will be the exhibition not to be missed to learn from the past and write a better future for Fashion Industry.


Fashioned from Nature, supported by I Love Linen by CELC, with further support from G Star RAW, opens at the V&A Museum on Saturday April 21st until January 27th 2019.

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