A marked increase in food processing over the past 50 years has gradually generated an enormous amount of non-edible byproducts and the potential for the senseless discarding and waste of our natural resources. However, we’re proud to have identified and developed a tremendous opportunity for the application of industrial ecology, allowing us to reduce waste as well as pollution by transforming citrus juice byproducts into a new and sustainable product.

Our efforts are inspired by beauty, quality and the opportunity to provide an innovative and sustainable textile to Italian production practices and the entire fashion industry. Straight from Mother Nature, we offer a fabric that’s as fabulous to wear as it is to design with.


In Italy every year, more than 700.000 tons of citrus waste are produced and, until now, no one has developed a viable alternative to disposal.
This waste even prompted the closing of some citrus juice companies, due to illegal disposal or correct yet prohibitively expensive disposal practices. On the other hand, we face an ever-increasing number of consumers demanding sustainable materials and fashion brands seeking green innovation.

It is for these reasons that we have worked to unite oranges, which are typical of Sicily, and world-renown Italian excellence in textiles, developing a disruptive technology that creates an innovative material out of industrial byproducts. Existing textiles are unable to satisfy the increasing demand in quantity and quality, even before issues of sustainability are considered.

That’s why we are passionate about reusing citrus juice byproducts that do not rival food consumption but are able to provide sustainable resources.

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(LUXURY 3.0)

We believe that luxury has risen to new standards. Modernity no longer resides in the digitalization of exclusivity alone; modernity must look further than status and consider the future—the future of taste, the future of wearable design, but most importantly, the future of our world.

We are committed to bringing sustainable design values to the fashion industry, helping those who wear our products to become not just consumers, but contributors to the Luxury 3.0 movement.