Orange Fiber & TECLA 3D House 2021

From the combination of empathic architecture, new technologies and sustainability comes TECLA – Technology and Clay, the first eco-sustainable house 3D printed from local raw earth, created by Mario Cucinella Architects and WASP in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna). In harmony with the sustainable vision and commitment of TECLA, Orange Fiber poplin has been selected to create the pillows and the mattress cover of the sleeping area. To enhance the material essence of the habitat, our sustainable fabric from citrus juice by-products has been used in two colours: natural white and rust. The rust variant has been coloured using a natural dye made of madder root, thanks to the extensive knowledge of Tint. Iride and Stefano Panconesi, master dyer for four generations. The textile products created in Orange Fiber fully reflect the circular philosophy of the house, integrating with the construction and with the other furniture elements 3D printed in raw earth extracted on site or made from recycled material.

Photography © Iago Corazza 2021