Who We Are


About Us

Since the beginning of our history, our mission has been to create circular fabrics from citrus fruit waste from Italy, to contribute actively to an increasingly environmentally friendly future of the textile industry. The "pastazzo" - i.e. what remains after the production of citrus juice - accounts for 60 per cent of the weight of the fresh fruit and through our processes and transparent supply chain is transformed into yarn and fabric for brands and designers who care about sustainability.


Technology & IP

At our production sites in Sicily, we obtain cellulose from citrus pulp, the waste disposal of which would have a significant economic and environmental cost. Thanks to a partnership with the Lenzing Group, our citrus pulp is processed into the textile fibre that is the beating heart of our circular fabrics: TENCEL™ Limited Edition x Orange Fiber. Our cellulose extraction licence, registered in 2014 in Italy, has also been extended to the main citrus juice producing countries with the aim of applying our technology in the most promising markets, thus increasing our impact. In 2014, we registered our Trademark, which identifies products containing our exclusive yarns and fabrics. Through dedicated labels, end customers can recognise the garments and furnishings of brands that have chosen our citrus fabrics for their creations.

The Perfect Ingredient

Since our establishment, we have promoted the use of our registered trademark to inform and engage our large community of sustainable fashion enthusiasts and guarantee transparency and accountability for our products and our supply chain. The Orange Fiber brand is the guarantee of transparency that identifies our production chain and our Made in Italy products.

Our Network is Our Superpower

We are grateful to our network of investors, accelerators, leaders, industry partners, accelerator programme mentors and alumni for supporting our growth and encouraging us to continuously improve. We are part of an international network of innovators who inspire us to create value in terms of sustainability and impact. "The future is not a place to go, it is a place to create - together."


Board of Directors

President, Board of Directors & Co-Founder

Enrica Arena

Graduated in International Cooperation for Development and in Communication, she has worked in the communication field for the non-profit sector and as project manager for the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and UNDP-Egypt, where her passion in social entrepreneurship as a driving force for growth started. Today she is in charge of marketing, communication, fundraising and research of Orange Fiber.

Chief Technology Officer

Andrea Bonina

Graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies, he gained decades of experience in R&D management for BIONAP and Exentiae companies and as CEO of Boniser. He personally follows the phases of extraction and processing of citrus fruit pulp playing an important role in the development of Orange Fiber's proprietary technology and optimization of industrial production processes.

Chief Financial Officer

Giuseppe Venezia

Financial Advisor and Founder of Good Ventures Advisory with more than 13 years of experience in corporate finance, business modeling, fundraising, M&A. Expert in financial consulting for startups and innovative SMEs. He is currently CFO of the Datrix Group, specialized in offering Augmented Analytics products and solutions.

Sustainability Advisor

LifeGate supports Orange Fiber in the development of its sustainability assessment based on GRI standards and articulated on various strategic areas, accompanying the company in defining a future roadmap that gives value to positive impact created. LifeGate has been a benefit company point of reference for sustainability issues since 2000.

Supported By

Trentino Sviluppo - Granted funding on the Operational Program FERS 2007-2013 of the Autonomous Province of Trento with the contribution of the European Fund for Regional Development.

Smart & Start Invitalia – Admitted for funding Invitalia – Ministero Sviluppo Economico