The First Fabric From Oranges

Orange Fiber is the world’s first brand to produce sustainable fabrics from citrus juice by-products. The innovative process has been patented since 2014 in the main citrus juice producing countries all over the world.

TENCEL™ & Orange Fiber

Orange Fiber and the Lenzing Group, leading global producer of wood-based specialty fibers, partner together to create the first ever TENCEL™ branded Lyocell fiber made of orange and wood pulp. Produced using the same award-winning closed loop production process as standard TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers, TENCEL™ Limited Edition x Orange Fiber presents a novel cellulosic fiber to further enhance sustainability in the textile and apparel industry.

Citrus is the largest fruit
crop in the world
Upon consumption 40–60%
of the fruit is discarded as waste
1M tons of citrus juice by-products
are produced every year only in Italy
Every year 110–120 million tons of
citrus waste are generated worldwide
The disposal of citrus juice by-products
have huge environmental costs