Sustainability is Key

Orange Fiber has the potential to revolutionize the environmental footprint of the fashion products containing it and boost SDG targets:


  1. [9] To limit logistics, our production is located in the same plant of citrus squeezers.
  2. [12] reducing huge waste volumes involved in citrus juice production. We have now upcycled 80T of byproducts and we will scale to 600T in 2021 and 1200T in 2022.
  3. [13] Our production process causes ca. 40% less climate change [kg CO2 eq] compared to average environmental profiles of cellulose production.
  4. [15] reducing the degradation of ancient natural habitats and halting deforestation. The equivalent production volume, made from traditional wood dissolving pulp, would have required cutting down around 90 trees. By 2022 we may save 1380 trees per year.
  5. [17] Through strategic partnership and communication activities we sensitize about conscious consumption through new and traditional media (+37k followers, +1000 press articles/publications, +50 tv programs, +50 academic speech)

Environmental Impact

Under its current trajectory, the fashion industry remains one of the most polluting industries and will miss the 1.5-Degree Pathway by 50%, causing climate change, air pollution, soil degradation, biodiversity loss, water depletion, human toxicity outcomes. Around 70% of the fashion industry’s emissions came from upstream activities such as materials production, preparation and processing. Following the increase in purchasing power and changes in lifestyles, the demand for raw materials for the global apparel industry keeps accelerating, as it is set at 98 million tons in 2017 and is expected to triple by 2050.


A New Luxury

We’re proud to have identified and developed a tremendous opportunity for the application of industrial ecology, allowing us to reduce waste as well as pollution by transforming citrus juice by-products into a new and sustainable product. Our efforts are inspired by beauty, quality and the opportunity to provide an innovative and sustainable textile to Italian production practices and the entire fashion industry. Straight from Mother Nature, we offer a fabric that’s as fabulous to wear as it is to design with.