Good For the Earth, Good For the People – In Partnership with the UN

New York City, 1st of February, 2019 – Enrica Arena – Co-Founder of Orange Fiber – has been selected as a speaker for the international summit “Good for the Earth, Good for the People”, a sustainable fashion conference organized by the Library Study Hall that officially opens the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) drawing attention to crucial themes as circularity and innovative solutions that could contribute to  design a Fashion Industry, that is good for the people and good for the earth.

Faithful to this year theme “Good for the Earth, Good for the People”, the conference aims to improving sustainability literacy in Fashion with a focus on Education, Policy, Innovation and Diversity aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Watch live the conference on the UN Web TV

Using a wholistic, human-centered approach, this education initiative bridges science, human rights, technology, fashion and culture to demonstrate that progress relies on our ability to work together.

In fact, collaboration and diversity are the real key-words of this summit.

Gathering UN officials like Aldijana Sisic (Chief UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women), industry experts, scientists like Leland Melvin (NASA Astronaut), lawyers and renowned designers and activists like Dapper Dan, Phillip Lim and Dio Kurazawa with allies like Tesla, Adidas, G-Star Raw and Swarovski, the Library Study Hall aims to open up the debate on the challenges the Fashion Industry is facing, sharing perspectives, experiences and ideas about how to include sustainability, innovation and ethical manufacturing practices in the textile and apparel sector.

Enrica Arena presents the Orange Fiber Case during the ignite talk series named “Good for the Earth: Environmental-Centered Solutions”, on the key issues at the intersection between the fashion industry and Sustainable Development Goals.