Orange Fiber -Winner of MF Supply Chain Awards 2020

On November 24, 2020, at the end of the program of the third day of # MFGS2020, the ceremony for the delivery of the MF Supply Chain Awards 2020 took place , important awards assigned to historic companies that have adapted to change and to new realities founded to radically renew the supply chain, with the common denominator of skills and sustainability .

The prizes were awarded by an exceptional jury composed of  Carlo Capasa  of  the National Chamber of Italian Fashion ,  Cirillo Marcolin  of  Confindustria Moda ,  Raffaello Napoleone  of  Pitti Immagine ,  Gabriele Capolino  of  MF-Milano Finanza ,  Giulia Pessani  of  Gentleman ,  Stefano Roncato  of  MF Fashion  and  Flavio Sciuccati  of  The European House – Ambrosetti.

The winners received a Made in Italy jewel such as  Venini’s Balloton , one of the first products baked in the history of the glass company represented at the awards ceremony by President  Silvia Damiani .

To virtually withdraw it for us Enrica Arena , CEO & Co-Founder of Orange Fiber.

We sincerely thank the exceptional jury who selected our company and comment on this recognition with the words of Carlo Capasa ” We must become the country of beauty, well-made and sustainable “, a commitment to the future in which we recognize ourselves, a beacon which has always guided the development of our company.